Children 4 years old and up are provided with a unique opportunity to have their first horse experience through our "Play Dates"

Children get a chance to help handle, groom and tack up a horse, all under the watchful supervision of one of our instructors for a safe and fun bonding experience. They then get to take a 5-10 minute ride on their horse hand led by their instructor before helping untack and groom down. Average Play Date times are 30-40 minutes and can be scheduled for 1 to 2 children at once.

Play Date Rates:

$40.00/child  (includes GST)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the government protocols that are currently in place and the predicted protocols that will remain in place over the summer, we will not be able to schedule Play Dates until further notice.


If you would like to be placed on a email list in case government protocols become more relaxed and we are able to offer Play Dates at any point in the summer, please send your name, email and request to be added to the Play Date waitlist to External link opens in new tab or and we will notify you as soon as we are able.