Children 4 years old and up are provided with a unique opportunity to have their first horse experience through our individual "Play Dates".

Play Dates can be schedule for 1 participant/play date and are currently being offered by appointment only in a limited capacity on Sundays from 1:30pm to 5pm. They are 30 minutes long and are held in our covered outdoor areas, so they can run rain or shine.

Play Date participants will get to help their instructor groom and tack up their horse, get a 5-10 min hand-led ride in one of our covered arenas and finish up by helping the instructor untack and groom down their horse*.

*Please Note: we cannot extend riding time or change Play Date format in any way.

Play Dates are $40.00 (tax included)

To schedule a Play Date at NSEC, please email us at: External link opens in new tab or